Stylish Parent Travel Tips

For the past 25 years I helped countless celebrity clients live stylishly.  I styled them for the red carpet as well as their personal lives. Like most people, one of the biggest challenges is organizing them for travel.  They rely on me for not only putting their wardrobe together but to also to make it easy for them once they land at their destination.  This always inspired me to dream up new ways to organize and pack stylishly.  I am forever on the hunt for new items and ways to help the process.  Fast forward to  having a child and traveling with her two months into fatherhood.  As with all my projects, I jumped in feet first.  I did extensive research online trying to find lightweight, collapsible, and washable items that would mimic our home nursery, changing station, bathing and feeding paraphernalia suitable for travel.  I like to keep everything simple and black if possible.  Here are the proven items that work for me!

Travel diaper caddy.

(Its really a diaper bag insert organizer) When I arrive at a hotel I pull this out to keep diapers, grooming supplies, ointments, extra pacifiers organized. At home I throw it in the washer to clean for the next trip.

Blow up tub.

Finding something to bath Marni in while traveling was a bit of a concern. When I found this smaller blow up tub I was excited. Its the perfect size and easy to inflate and deflate!

Disposable Bottles

Who knew.

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