Hire Ricci!


Get one-on-one face time with celebrity style expert Ricci DeMartino!

One hour Consultation with Ricci DeMartino: $250

Half hour Consultation with Ricci DeMartino: $150

Did you ever dream of having a personal style guru just like your favorite celebrity?  Now is your chance to fulfill that dream…

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have hired Ricci DeMartino to give them the advice and confidence to look and feel their best, and not just for their wardrobe, “Dressing a person and dressing a room come from the same place. You not only have to know what looks good, but it also has to suit the individual’s personality, taste, lifestyle, budget and level of comfort.” Ricci has also designed the interiors for some of television’s biggest stars.

Ricci brings his years of experience to advise on all style-related questions from the best way to arrange your furniture to how to make this season’s trends work for you.  He has the sources and experience to bring style harmony to your world. “My job is to find what’s best for my clients so they end up feeling as good as they possibly can about themselves and their environment.” Now you too can hire him, virtually and instantly, to do the same for you. All you need is a webcamera or smartphone to hire Ricci via Skype.  Web chat sessions are in thirty-minute ($150) or one-hour ($250) increments.

To start, purchase your preferred amount of time via paypal through RicciDeMartino.com. Shortly after completion Ricci’s office will contact you by email to discuss your objectives and to schedule your appointment at a mutually agreeable date and time.

The possibilities are endless….



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